Helpful Hints

  • Make good first impressions. The grounds should be properly maintained summer or winter. Have the lawn mowed and raked, shrubs trimmed, driveway and sidewalks swept clean and all debris removed from the property.
  • Arrange shades or drapes to give maximum amount of light to dark rooms. Replace all burned out light bulbs and repair faulty switches. Light colors add cheerfulness to dark rooms, especially kitchens.
  • Replace cracked plaster, loose doorknobs and crooked light fixtures. Small things may hinder a sale more than large repairs.
  • Display your storage and utility space by removing all unnecessary accumulation in attics, stairways, basement and garage. They will appear much larger than they actually are.
  • Correct faulty plumbing. Leaky faucets and discolored porcelain call attention to plumbing defects.
  • Minor redecorating is recommended. If needed, painting, shampooing, etc. It will create a much more appealing appearance.
  • Keep radios and television off or turned down during the showings to eliminate any possible distractions of the property.
  • If you have pets, it is recommended they be kept out of the way or out of the house, if possible. Some people are uneasy around animals and they may detract from the prospects attention.
  • Your home should be comfortably warm in cold weather and moderately cool in hot weather through air conditioning if available, or any other alternative measures.
  • Apologies should never be made for any adverse appearance of your home. This only emphasizes the defects.


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